Builder shop lvl 1

Builder shop

Builders are vital for the growth and development of your Village. The more builders you hire, the faster your village will grow. Each builder allows for and additional construction to occur simultaneously. Their projects can be completed early if you supply them with diamonds.

  • You can assign builders to your gold mines and iron quarries to produce double the production over an 8 hour time frame.
  • Most buildings, notably defences, won't work while being upgraded
  • Builders are used to upgrade heroes and change kingdom perks
  • Walls have to be built and require a building even with 0s duration


Town Center level: 1
Category: Default
Cost type: Diamonds


This building can't be upgraded, but extra instances can be build with increasing costs.

Level Hit points Build cost Build time Buildings available
1 250 0 0s 1
250 250 0s 2
250 600 0s 3
250 1,000 0s 4
250 2,000 0s 5
250 2,500 0s 6